Is this you?

  • I am ready to build my side hustle and have NO idea where to start.
  • I need help finding the time to do all the things after being at work all day.
  • I want to have a side hustle with my day job but also have a social life and take care of myself.
  • I don't know how to do it all!

Here’s the deal – side hustles can be a great way to diversify your income streams. But also can serve as a way to pursue your passions and feel more fulfilled.

What if there was a way for you to build a side hustle that works for you and still have a life?

I’m Jessica Williams and I help amazing women side hustlers just like you. Consider me your side hustle BFF, cheerleader, technology advisor and mentor. We will start by getting clear on your goals and priorities and then create a plan of action.

My goal is to help you stop the overwhelm and give you the tools you need to work smarter and feel more productive with your side hustle.

Most importantly, I’m a side hustler too. I’ve struggled with how to get started, how to find time to work on my side hustle, how to avoid burnout, and how to do it all while also being a caregiver. Over the years, I have found tools and hacks that work well for me to run my side hustle while still killing it at my day job. And I want to share those learnings with you.

How does it work?

This is a month-long mentorship that kicks off with a 60-minute video call where we chat all about your side hustle. Together we’ll map out a game plan of what needs to happen to get you to the next level. You’ll leave the call with a clear path forward that you can start implementing right away.

After our call, you will have full access to me for 30 days to implement the strategies we mapped out. This will be done via the Voxer app so we can be in communication and working together on your plan.

This way if you have a question before going to work or in the middle of the night (hello insomnia) you can send me a voice or text message and I’ll get back to you in 24 hours (48 hours on weekends and holidays). Think of me as the Side Hustle BFF in your pocket!

What can we work on?

One of my superpowers is creating order from chaos, so if you are feeling unstuck or overwhelmed, I’m your gurl. I also want to meet you where you are at and give you the support you need so here are some things we could work on during our time together:

  • Map out your goals – let’s figure out what you want to do, by when and create a simple plan to achieve them.
  • Discuss ways to add passive income streams, like affiliate marketing, to your side hustle. This way you can make money while you’re at your day job.
  • Talk time management and schedules. We could create a schedule and find time for you to work on your side hustle with your other commitments and make sure you have some self-care in there too.


Working with me 1:1 is $250 a month (includes one 60-min. Zoom call + unlimited Voxer support for 30 days).