Speaking & Facilitation

Speaking & Facilitation

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“I really like how practical your How to Start a Side Hustle session was with your tips and advice, and  advocating for the experimental framework and mindset so that it doesn’t become one big scary thing.” 

I speak on a variety of topics, including productivity, entrepreneurship, self-care, and career:

How to Start a Side Hustle and Manage it with a 9-5

Discover strategies for getting started, managing your time, staying motivated, and achieving your business goals. Whether you're looking to earn extra income, pursue a passion project, or transition to full-time entrepreneurship, you'll get the tools and inspiration to make it happen.

How to Start a Curated Newsletter

My #jesspicks newsletter has turned out to be the most consistent and rewarding thing I've done in my business (300+ issues, 7+ years). I'll take you behind the scenes and show you how to get started, the value of curation, monetization, growth strategies, and lessons I've learned along the way. You'll walk away with the confidence and inspiration to start your own newsletter.

Life Lessons Learned from Dancing

I have had the opportunity to dance on stage, not once but twice. I learned some incredible lessons life lessons, including being present, walking with purpose, loosening your shoulders, and keeping your knees happy and bent.

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I help those who love their 9-5 and want to be entrepreneurs.  I give them the resources and support, so they get clarity on precisely what first steps they need to take to create a side hustle they love that fits within their life.