Speaking & Facilitation

Speaking & Facilitation

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Juggle work, life, and side hustles without burning out! I deliver inspiring talks on productivity, self-care, and entrepreneurship that will help you achieve your goals, and create a fulfilling life.

Are You Side-Curious? Launch a Side Hustle Without Burning Out

Feeling the call of being an entrepreneur but overwhelmed by the “side hustle hustle”? I got you. Discover strategies for getting started, managing your time, and staying motivated. We'll talk about the “why” behind your side hustle, helping you identify your goals and what success means to you. You'll learn baby steps are important and the power of experimentation. Leave with ideas and your next steps to create a side hustle that fits into your life.

“I really like how practical your Starting a Side Hustle session was with your tips and advice, and  advocating for the experimental framework and mindset so that it doesn’t become one big scary thing.” 

How I Built a 2500+ Subscriber Newsletter with Curation

Obsessed with newsletters? You're not the only one. In this session, I'll share the behind-the-scenes of my successful #jesspicks newsletter (300+ issues, 2500+ subscribers). Learn how to use the power of curation to establish yourself as a voice in your space, engage your audience, and even turn it into a revenue stream. Plus, you'll get a healthy dose of #jesspiration to launch your own newsletter.

The Juggle is Real: Finding Adventure and Self-Care in a Busy Life

Feeling overwhelmed by work, family, that side hustle you're crushing, and everything else life throws your way? Yeah, been there, and doing that. Learn time management strategies, discover micro-adventures that'll add some fun to your crazy schedule, and master self-care practices for busy folks (think quick walks instead of bubble baths). This talk is not about achieving that work/life balance that everyone talks about – it's about mastering the juggle in a way that feels fulfilling and leaves room for joy (because life shouldn't just be about getting things done!)

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I help those who love their 9-5 and want to be entrepreneurs.  I give them the resources and support, so they get clarity on precisely what first steps they need to take to create a side hustle they love that fits within their life.