Sound familiar?

  • I want to make at least $75K so I can leave my day job next year
  • I want to work only 20 hours a week so I can spend the rest of the time speaking or writing
  • I want to earn some extra money to pay my student loans and travel
  • I want to pursue a business idea in a low-risk way.

You can do all of these things by starting a side hustle.

But you may be feeling stuck, overwhelmed and have a ton of questions about how to get started, how to find the time, and how to manage the day-to-day of running a side hustle.


Wouldn’t it be cool if you had a safe, fun place to get support? Maybe you just wish there was someone there to help you plan, brainstorm and figure out exactly what you need to do next.

I can help! Bring me your questions and walk away with one tip, strategy or resource for moving forward with your side hustle.

Over the past 8 years, I have worked full-time and run on the side. When I started my side hustle, I was feeling stuck and burnt out in my job and it gave me an outlet to pursue my passions on the side. I’ve learned a ton (and I’m still learning) and I want to be able to share my experiences with you.


As side hustlers, we often face challenges that full-time entrepreneurs simply don't understand.

We are juggling a business and a day job, we often don’t have time or motivation for both/either, and we struggle to get it all done while taking care of our family and ourselves.

Here are some things we can talk about:

  • Tips to start building a side hustle lifestyle
  • How to avoid burnout
  • Ways to make money while you sleep
  • How to manage your time and stay motivated
  • Tech tools that can help

You don't have to go through this alone. Grab a glass of wine and book your FREE session now.


If you are looking to manifest a dream that you’ve been having…even if you’ve had this dream for just a day…and haven’t taken steps because the majority of your time is already taken, I urge you to contact Jessica.

Khalilah Lyons