Hi, I’m Jessica!

Hi, I’m Jessica!

Side Hustler. Tequila Enthusiast. (Sometimes) Broadway Dancer.

I work with amazing women like you who have a full-time job and want to launch an online side hustle. The only problem is that you might not know where to start, you have little time, you’ve done some things on your own but haven’t made much progress. Let’s partner up! We can work together to get you super clear on the steps to get you started and how to work smarter in your side hustle.

I know what you’re going through.

I’ve been side hustling for the past 8 years. My side hustle was born out of a need to make an impact on the world back in 2011 and a passion for helping women launch online businesses without the fear of technology holding them back.

Then I started working with startups.

After helping co-manage a program for women startup entrepreneurs, I realized how important the side hustle was. Not only is it a way to test an idea for entrepreneurship in a low-risk way, but it is also an opportunity to pursue something you are passionate about.

But also, for many women, especially women of color, the concept of quitting your job and then going “all in” on being an entrepreneur is not possible. I wanted to provide another way.

That’s when I went “all in” (see what I did there?) on wanting to help other women side hustlers like myself. I believe that every woman should be able to have a fulfilling life, whether she gets that from working full time, being a full-time entrepreneur or a hybrid of both.

As side hustlers, we often face challenges that full-time entrepreneurs don’t quite understand.

We are juggling a business and a day job, we often don’t have time or motivation for both/either, and we struggle to get it all done while taking care of our family and ourselves.

With my background in Information Systems Management, I have a good mix of business skills and technical skills and I know how the two can work together. And I know that technology tools and apps can be a gamechanger for managing your side hustle.

My mission is to help you create a side hustle lifestyle that allows you to pursue your passion, make some money and still have a life.

I round up the best resources and tips on side hustling every week in #jesspicks. You can learn more about that here.


Let's Work Together!

I help folks who love their 9-5 but want to create something of their own and are overwhelmed by the HOW.   I give them the resources and support so they get clarity on exactly what first steps they need to take to create a side hustle they love that fits within their life.

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