I really loved how XOSarah did her year in review post and wanted to do something similar, so here goes:

Great Things that Happened in 2018

Changed jobs. After realizing that I needed a change early last year, I was able to find a new opportunity at General Assembly where I'm career coaching students who are changing their careers into technology.

Visited the Grand Canyon.  After being able to do a Side Hustle for the Soul workshop as part of the ACT-W conference in Phoenix, I treated myself to a day trip to the Grand Canyon.

Bouldered for the first time. Considering I have terrible balance and I'm afraid of heights, this was an adventure. But it was also something on my list so I'm glad I went. And I would be open to doing it again!

Created my first course on Teachable.  I wanted to make it easy for folks to get started with affiliate marketing so I created a starter course and I love the platform.

Things that worked

Reading before bed
I realized that reading before bed was a big part of my self-care for the year. It also helped me shake off the day and wind down before going to sleep.

Delegating moving!
Me and grandma had to move again this year and instead of having my uncles help as had been done in past moves, I was able to hire movers.  #Gamechanger.  It made the day a lot less stressful and much more efficient.  Also, I discovered Dolly as a great solution to pick up items for donation to Goodwill.

I love curating my weekly newsletter. Do you get it?  It's a great way to round up the week and share some of my favorite articles with my side hustler audience.

Side Hustle Focus
I spent last year shifting the focus of my brand to side hustlers. I participated on two side hustle panels at my day job and delivered the Side Hustle for the Soul workshop (all about how to get started) once in Phoenix and once as part of an online conference.

Things that didn’t work

Blogging consistently
I need to figure out a better strategy for putting out content on a more consistent basis.  I think really focusing on the side hustler and their needs will help identify possible blog topics.

Best things I bought

Kindle Paperwhite
This has secretly been on my wishlist for a while but I wasn't sure that I needed it considering I had a regular Kindle and it worked just fine.  With the holiday sales though, I was able to get one for a great price and I have to say, it has been an awesome purchase. It's nice to have the backlight so I don't necessarily need the light on when reading and the device is much lighter.

Fitbit Versa
As a way to remind me to get up and move every hour, this has been awesome.  It's also nice to get text and call alerts as well as calendar reminders when I don't have my phone with me.

Best books I read:

Self-Care for Introverts by Barrie Davenport

It was great to read a book focused on introverts and our needs. I love how it made me think differently about self-care for myself and how it's really important to understand that so that you can build in time and activities to help you recharge.

The Rule of One by Ashley and Leslie Saunders

This book reminded me a lot of What Happened to Monday on Netflix. It's the story of two twin sisters who are trying to survive in a world that only allows one child.  Of course, someone discovers their secret… The book is also written by two sisters which I think is a really nice touch.

Why Today is Awesome by Shenee Howard

This book is awesome!  It helps you look at your days in a different way and set intentions for making that day great even with all of the sucky, bad things that we deal with. It's about making conscious choices to add a little bit of awesome to your day even if it's something as simple as having cereal for dinner.

What I wish I’d done more of

As I was packing and going through the moving motions, I found old journals and notebooks and realized how much I used to love writing when I was in school.  It was like the universe was sending me signs to create again.

I’m a caregiver at home and help 60-75 students at work so there were times I really felt drained and depleted.  I realized in those moments that my cup was empty and I needed to find ways to fill it back up.

I have a gym in my building and still didn't feel motivated to work out.  I realized that I need to find ways to add more activity to my day and find a way to add movement that I actually enjoy.

What I wish I’d done less of

Saying yes without thinking
As a giver, I feel like my automatic response to anything is “yes”.  Yes, I'll come to your event. Yes, I'll give you money.  Yes, I'll take care of that.  Even to my detriment sometimes.  And I'm not saying that “yes” is automatically bad but I want to be more intentional about the things I say yes to.  Because saying yes to one person or commitment could be saying no to myself.

2019 Goals

Rocking this Chicago Innovation Women’s Mentoring Co-Op opportunity! I’m paired with a protege for 6 months and I’m excited to help her with her goals.

Write at least one blog post and one tip on 30seconds.com every month.  I think this goal is doable and hopefully will get me writing even more.

Do more things for me. I’m really looking forward to participating in Fear Experiment this year and learning some Broadway moves.

Book a speaking gig in another cool place where I can take an extra day and sightsee.

Read 28 books.  Since I've realized reading is a huge part of my self-care, I want to take it up a notch this year. You can follow on with my progress on Goodreads.