Who else loves the little yellow suspender-wearing guys as much as I do? (Oh just me? Ok then.) I fell in love with the Despicable Me franchise when I saw the first movie years ago. It’s a cartoon so you would think that it’s for kids but I enjoyed it so much and it made me feel so much lighter afterward.

After watching Minions with the lovely voice of Sandra Bullock, I started thinking about some of the lessons these adorable little yellow guys were teaching me.

1. They are a team.

In Despicable Me, Gru thought his plan to steal the moon was over because he had no money. One of the minions offered up his piggy bank as a solution (also in the cutest way possible) and then all of the minions started offering money. It was a tear-jerker moment for sure and it was all the motivation Gru needed to keep going.

Life Lesson: There are people willing to help you even when you think there is no hope. Sometimes all it takes is one person.

2. It’s all about the banana.

The minions go crazy for bananas. They’ll eat other foods but their main goal is to get and eat all of the bananas. To them bananas = happiness.

Life Lesson: Find your banana. What is something you need in your life to be happy? For me, I find that when I am able to spend time with my family and embrace the little things, I feel more balanced.

3. They are always up for anything.

The minions are always open to any adventure and sometimes that’s not a good thing (hitched a ride with bank robbers lately?). But the minions manage to make the best out of every situation. At one point in the movie, they were sent to the dungeon as a way of punishment. When Scarlet’s husband tried to torture them which would typically be a bad thing, the Minions enjoyed it.

Life Lesson: Be open. Sometimes things happen in ways you would least expect. And seemingly bad situations can have a positive outcome for you.

Building a side hustle while keeping your day job is not an easy thing to do, but you are doing this because your passion is calling to you. Keep these lessons in mind while navigating the day to day highs and often lows on this journey.

Over to you: What have you learned from the Minions or Despicable Me? What life lessons do you keep in mind as you go through your day?

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