I've been feeling pretty good lately. I've been writing and coming up with new directions and ideas for techbizgurl.com. I’ve been feeling good.

And then this past week, bad vibes. Bad juju. In a word: resistance.

And I don't want to do anything. I just want to crawl under my blanket and eat grilled cheese sandwiches and some Haagen Dazs Butter Pecan and forget all of my troubles.

While that's probably not a very adult and businesswoman-like thing to do, some days it's OK.

You get burned out.

You get bad news.

You get sick.

Your family member gets sick.

Your day job gets nuts.

You just don't feel it.

I think those are the times especially when we need to be gentle with ourselves.

Because we are human.

We get sick. We can't keep going, going, going all the time.  Especially if you're trying to build a business along with the other 12 commitments you have in your life.

We need time to relax and recover. We need those blanket fort days.

We need time to figure out what’s really going on.

Is it resistance? Is it that we think that we can’t be happier? Or is it plain tiredness?

And let me tell you…mental exhaustion is sooo much worse than being tired physically.

Remember that you are working to build a life that you love. But also remember that you don't want to kill yourself to do it.

You want to find things you love along the way. You want to enjoy the process. You want to believe that you can be more than you are today.

And sometimes even the process needs to be put on hold. And that's OK.

Take the time to rest. To heal. To get a mani/pedi. To buy that purse you've been eyeing for weeks.

To write that blog post that might be a little different (see what I did there?).

Take the time that you need.  Take the time to get back to the things you love about what you are doing. Take that pause.

It's OK. I give you permission.

Do you have days like this? What do you do to take a break?

Photo Credit: Charlotte90T via Compfight cc