I am officially a business owner!!  I am uber excited!!  Tech Biz Gurl is now a sole proprietorship, owned by me!  A sole proprietorship means I'm not incorporated and as far as income taxes go, there is no real separation between my income and business income.

There are quite a few steps that went into this process, so if you ever want to start a sole proprietorship in Illinois, keep these in mind:

  1. Fill out the papers for “doing business as” Tech Biz Gurl
  2. Publish a legal notice of said DBA in a local publication and having it run for 3 weeks 
  3. Apply for a City of Chicago Business License
  4. Register with the State of Illinois
  5. Open a business checking account
Completing those steps allows me to own and operate a business in Chicago, Illinois.  Woo hoo!!  I am not gonna lie, every time, I ticked off one of those check boxes, I did a little happy dance and maybe some jumping on the bed.  (What? I told ya I was excited!)  But seriously, the huge thing is that I was moving forward.  I was stepping into the unknown a toe at a time and it felt amazing!  
What are you moving forward on in 2012?  Let me know in the comments or drop me a line.