Tech Toolbox

When starting a side hustle, often the biggest issue is finding time and managing to do things around your day job. You can use technology tools to help you become more productive and automate things so that things can still happen while you’re at work. And remember, it’s not so much about the tech. It’s about what the tech allows you to do.

I am often asked about the tools I use to run Here is the list of tools I use for different aspects of my business so that you get an idea of things to put in YOUR tech toolbox. Some of these are free tools and some of them I pay for. It’s important to look at these as not only costs but an investment in you and your business.

Disclosure: This toolkit includes affiliate links which means I may receive commission if you decide to purchase at no extra cost to you. I only recommend tools I love and use in my own business.

Working with Jessica has been a miracle. I have so many fears when it comes to technology. HTML is the ultimate four-letter word for me. Jessica offered me simple, step-by-step instructions for sprucing up my WordPress site.

Tangela Ekhoff

If you have an idea of your current online business goals and want to use technology to accomplish them, then I wholeheartedly recommend Jessica. She’ll hear you out, see the pieces in play, and put them together into a picture that you can act on with understanding and confidence.


I will be hiring Jessica for all my tech needs because it is not something I am confident in doing and I am so happy to hand it off to Jessica because I know she will get it done and done impeccably well.


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