Tech Coaching
Your idea. My insight.

Let me know if this sounds familiar:

  • You’ve spent HOURS (wait, DAYS) trying to figure out how to do ____and you just want to bang your head against the wall.
  • You go to Google hoping for answers and in return you get lots of gobbledygook lingo ….autoresponders and plugins and widgets, oh my!
  • You know you want to start a business but you’re not sure how and wish there was some sort of tech or biz roadmap to follow.

Figuring out how to do all of things on your own can be overwhelming. And when you don’t get it right the first few times you might feel stuck, lost and super bummed out. At the end of the day, you wish you had a magic tutorial that would tell you exactly what you needed to know, how to do it and answered all of your questions.

Well cheer up buttercup, because you've found your magic tutorial!

I’ve been building my business for the past 3 years so I KNOW what you’re going through. I’ve been there. And hey some days, I’m still there.

I get it.

Starting and building a business can be the most crazy, scary, fulfilling and fun experience of your life.

My mission is to help you take those scary, awkward and oftentimes frustrating first steps in business. I want you to get confident with those tech things you need to get in place. You can do this. I know you can do this. And I will be there with you when you get stuck.

Wondering what kinds of things we can work on together?

  • You want to figure out how to create an email list, how to give your people a free gift when they sign up.
  • You want to set up Mailchimp.
  • You are trying to figure out what tech tools can make your life a little bit better.
  • You want to know the logistics behind a free 15 minute session.
  • You want to set up an online scheduler.
  • You want to figure out how WordPress and Mailchimp actually work together.

We will create a plan for our session and then spend an hour brainstorming, getting your questions answered and implementing things TOGETHER so you can walk away knowing what we did, how we did it, and how you can do it next time.

The goal is for you to walk away super duper tech confident and not work with me again — unless you want to! 🙂

Investment: $100

Contact me to get started.

I was completely stuck and afraid when it came to making changes on my WP site. My previous designers sent me a couple of online tutorials but it was not helpful. I found myself thinking of changes I’d like to make but I was so scared I was going to “break it”!
Enter Jessica Williams! Her Tech Coaching Session was just what I needed. She showed me the ins and outs of updating my site and then it was my turn. With her encouragement and expertise, I gained the confidence and knowledge I needed to move forward!

Janet Dudley

OMG, Jessica is a dream come true. Just what I have been searching for. Someone who can guide me on all the little steps and the ins and outs of these complicated on-line systems you need to set up business. She's smart, fast, empowering and super friendly.

Linda Ugelow

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