A technology toolbox is super important to have while you are building your business. Here are a list of tools that I use in my business along with a description of how I use them so you can get an idea of things to put in YOUR toolbox. And remember, it’s not so much about the tech. It’s about what the tech allows you to do.

To get your website up & running


I use GoDaddy for my domain names. If you are looking for a more user friendly solution though, I’d recommend that you get your domains from GoDaddy and get your hosting from BlueHost or Hostgator.


My site is built on the WordPress platform. I love that I can easily create posts and pages for my site without a lot of thinking involved. And it allows a lot of flexibility.

StudioPress Themes

I love StudioPress themes. I built my first versions of my site on it and that’s my theme of choice for my clients. Studiopress has a framework called Genesis which is the underlying structure of all of their themes. It contains a basic layout and colors. Then you can purchase a child theme (think colors, fonts, features) to put on top of Genesis to make it look even snazzier.

Google Analytics

If you want to keep an eye on who visits your site, what links they are clicking on, and where your traffic is coming from, this is a great tool for tracking those types of stats.

To get paid or get feedback


If I don’t get a check, I run my business using Paypal for online payments. It’s the most popular way to get paid online.


I love using Typeform for any type of form or application. It gives you tons of customization options with the free account and it’s a super user friendly way to get the information you need. I’ve also used Wufoo and Google Forms in the past but I’ve found Typeform more fun.

To build your tribe & share updates


I love Mailchimp and it’s a great way to start building your email list for free especially when you’re first starting out. It’s user friendly, fun and super colorful. I mean, have you seen the cute monkey?


It is a social media management app that lets you “buffer” posts to your social media accounts. I use it to batch my social media for the week and have it post at optimal times for my peeps.

To run your business day to day


I store all my files in Dropbox so that I can access them anywhere at any time. It’s also a good place to store files you want to share through links (think optin freebie PDFs or audios).


For jotting things down and taking notes, I use Evernote. I also use it to do quick audio notes to myself during my lakefront walks or take a quick picture that inspires me. The search tool is awesome as well.


I use this tool primarily to schedule my Biz Therapy sessions right now. It’s super easy to set up and it syncs with my google Calendar. It’s a quick easy way to set up sessions with people and send them reminders without the back and forth of email.


I love working with Basecamp for projects. You can put everything in one place and it’s super cool with lots of features.


I use this tool to read all my favorite blogs in one place, save them to read later, or share them on social media. This is my go-to RSS reader since Google Reader went away.


This tool is THE BEST for staying focused. It is an extension that works with the Chrome browser and once you activate it, you can block or set timers for any site. I often use it when I need to watch my time on Facebook and limit it to 60 minutes a day.

This is the program I use for my one on one screensharing sessions. It can be used as a webinar tool as well. It has lots of features like audio, screen sharing, ability to record, chat, and multiple callers/viewers.

Screen Cast-O-Matic

This is what I use to create my how-to training videos for my courses- think screen sharing with audio (also called screencasting). You can also use it to create screenshots too.


This tool has been a lifesaver for keeping all of my passwords in one place. Especially with so many online services, this is super helpful. The idea is that you only have to remember your LastPass password and you’re set.

Note: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links and I may receive “thank you money” for sending you to these companies. I believe in and use each one of these resources and hope you find them useful.

Working with Jessica has been a miracle. I have so many fears when it comes to technology. HTML is the ultimate four-letter word for me. Jessica offered me simple, step-by-step instructions for sprucing up my WordPress site.

Tangela Ekhoff

If you have an idea of your current online business goals and want to use technology to accomplish them, then I wholeheartedly recommend Jessica. She’ll hear you out, see the pieces in play, and put them together into a picture that you can act on with understanding and confidence.


I will be hiring Jessica for all my tech needs because it is not something I am confident in doing and I am so happy to hand it off to Jessica because I know she will get it done and done impeccably well.


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