Get Comfy with the Monkey Challenge
Stop struggling. Start building.

Setting up your email list is a super important business first. It’s a way for you to find and connect with your tribe – the people who like you, think you’re awesome and want to keep up with what you’re doing.

But sometimes we get stuck on the how part:

  • Yep this is great and I have to build an email list but where do I start?
  • I have this awesome PDF designed but I’m not sure how to deliver it to my list.
  • I want my peeps to receive my blog posts without me having to write a newsletter every week.
  • I wish someone could just tell me all the techy things I need to do.

Well cheer up buttercup, because this challenge is for YOU.

Each day you’ll get an assignment and a video/audio that will help you take a step in your Mailchimp list building adventure. AND there’ll be a Facebook group to post your homework and get tons of support and cheers.

  • Day 1 – List building and optin gifts
  • Day 2 – Creating your list
  • Day 3 – Delivering your free optin gift
  • Day 4 – Creating campaigns and sending blog posts automagically
  • Day 5 – Adding sign up forms to your website

We will keep things super simple so you can walk away feeling like a tech superstar with all of these awesome skills.

Join the Challenge and let’s build our email lists together!

Doing a job is easy, compared to launching a marketing campaign. Now that is overwhelming! I felt like after weeks I was no closer to having a plan in place until I stumbled upon Tech Biz Gurl's “Get Comfy With The Monkey Challenge”. In one week, I not only created my freebie, I setup a solid (professional looking campaign). Thanks so much for the extra kick I needed to succeed!

Susie Parker

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