Hello, my name is Jessica Williams and I’m one part business consultant and one part tech superhero. And one part girl next door.

Think of me as your partner in crime as you take your first steps in business like building your email list or creating your first website. I’ll be there holding your hand and cheering you on.


With a Master’s Degree in Information Systems and a background in business and marketing, not only can I help you figure out the what and why for your business but I can also help you with the how.

I am Tech Biz Gurl after all. AND the best part? We’re gonna have a blast while doing it. Especially if you’re a Justin Timberlake fan or love the How to Get Away with Murder show. If not, no worries. We’ll find something equally fun to dish about.

My mission is to create a super safe, super fun space for you to build your business, conquer technology and have some fun along the way.

When you’re just starting out in business, you have SO many things to think about, decide on, and figure out that you need someone to help guide you to what’s best for you right now. It’s like putting together a 1,000 piece puzzle. You open the box and all you see is a WHOLE LOT of pieces. At that moment, you have no idea which piece goes where and how to put it all together but as you work on the puzzle a little bit at a time, you will start to see a pattern and it becomes easier.

I have over 15 years of experience seeing how the big picture and the little pieces fit together…

When I was in high school, I interned for a systems integration firm. While working my way up and around the company, I learned how to understand business requirements, how to find the technology to meet those goals, and how to implement those steps from zero to done. I am certified in project management, network engineering and wireless.

Three years ago, I realized that while I was good at my job, I wanted to do more. I wanted to make more of an impact on the world. I found my answer at Spark & Hustle. Attending that conference where over 100 women were learning to build and grow their companies is where I realized that technology could be overwhelming and confusing to women. It was there that I realized that I could take all of that business and technology experience and use it to help women pursue their online business dreams.

Tech Biz Gurl was born a week later….

I do what I do because I hate to hear that any of that “tech stuff” is holding any woman back from living her dream life + owning her dream business! Not in my world!

I want women to feel empowered, not defeated, behind the keyboard.

I do what I do because I believe that I can help you put the pieces of your dream together.

So if you are struggling to figure out your next step or dealing with tech frustrations with your side hustle, sign up for one a Side Hustle Pow Wow. It’s a 15-minute phone chat where you tell me what is making you bang your head against the wall right now, and we can brainstorm at least one action step to move you forward (and a dessert recommendation if need be). Because dessert makes everything better!

Working with Jessica has been a miracle. I have so many fears when it comes to technology. HTML is the ultimate four-letter word for me. Jessica offered me simple, step-by-step instructions for sprucing up my WordPress site.

Tangela Ekhoff

If you have an idea of your current online business goals and want to use technology to accomplish them, then I wholeheartedly recommend Jessica. She’ll hear you out, see the pieces in play, and put them together into a picture that you can act on with understanding and confidence.


I will be hiring Jessica for all my tech needs because it is not something I am confident in doing and I am so happy to hand it off to Jessica because I know she will get it done and done impeccably well.


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