How to Find Your Purpose in Life

How to Find Your Purpose in Life

Most of us want to do something more than we are doing right now. And if you are already doing the dream thing, GO YOU! You're a rockstar (get the show on, get paid).

But most of us are trying to get there, or thinking about getting there, or are not even sure what “there” actually means. It's ultimately that whole “What do I want to do when I grow up”?” question that so many of us probably can't answer. (I'm still figuring this one out too)

There is a HUGE focus on knowing what you want in business and life and that is the path to getting what you want. But what if you don’t KNOW what you want? What if that isn’t clear?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Figure out three things you've always wanted to do, try or experience.

And find a way to do them. In other words, get out of your proverbial comfort zone. I know. This is super duper scary. But something awesome happens when you do something different from your daily routine. It opens you up. It makes you think differently. It gets your brain thinking in new directions. And it gets you comfortable with being open to new things. The great thing about this too is that you learn more about yourself.

I took a mixology class last year and while it was cool to learn how drinks are made, I figured out that I loved drinking the drinks a bit more than making them. Which is good to know right? That means I probably don’t have a future as a bartender. And that’s ok because new experiences are all about learning more about what you like and what you don’t.

Get comfy with being uncomfy.

I know, I know. No one wants to be uncomfortable. It's not fun. Sweaty palms. Fast heart rate. Knees shaking. Yep, that's what I'm talking about. But doing uncomfortable things make you grow as a person. It may will suck at the time, but once it's done you'll either say, “OMG I'm glad that's done but at least I did it. Time for wine”, or “Hey, that wasn't so bad. Time for ice cream”.  And then if you have to do it again in the future, I bet you’ll feel a little less uncomfortable.

This is goooood.  You grow. You get stronger. And you get more confident in being able to handle things. As a manager in my day job, I have to have uncomfortable conversations quite a bit when I have to address issues with my staff. I still get nervous doing them, but not as nervous as I was that very first time.

Take a personality test.

I'm not talking about those Buzzfeed ones which are actually pretty awesome (Is Prince Charming your Disney prince too?), but try this one to learn more about yourself or this one to learn more about your business.  Most times there is a LOT we don't actually realize about ourselves. And when I used both of those tests they've helped me know myself better. Most recently from the 16 Personalities test, I learned that whatever my career ends up being, I have to be able to “create order from chaos” for me to be happy. Reading through the rest of my ISFJ report, I was like “OMG THAT'S SO ME”.  With the Brand Chemistry quiz, I learned that I'm both a Thoughtleader and a Lifestyle brand which has changed my approach to my business.

These tests have helped put words to things that I may have felt at one time or another but could not really explain. This has been huge and game changing. Because now I'm looking for experiences that let me do more of the things that fit me and my personality.

These ideas are all about trying new things and being aware of how they make you feel. This way you learn more about yourself so that you can get clearer on your dreams, your purpose and ultimately what you want your life to look like.

Have you found your purpose yet? Any ideas? Have you done any of these activities? Please share in the comments!

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