Nashville, Goosebumps & Being in the Moment

Nashville, Goosebumps & Being in the Moment

Last week me and my bestie headed to the concert for one of our FAVORITE shows, Nashville. I am a huge fan of shows that really integrate music into them (anyone remember my obsession with One Tree Hill?) and Nashville is no exception. The music is incredible and there are so many lessons and inspiration on that show – especially because it started with the premise of two women going after their country star dreams. And the show deals with so much real stuff that a lot of people go through every day.

So while I was at the concert, I had this revelation about being there and enjoying the music. – not recording everything but just TRULY being there. And I have to tell you…

It's amazing what happens when you allow yourself to be in the moment. (tweet)

Are there certain experiences where you feel you can truly be in the moment? Where do you get your goosebumps?

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