3 Ways to Be More Productive in Your Business Using Evernote

3 Ways to Be More Productive in Your Business Using Evernote

When you think of Evernote (#affiliate), you probably think of it as a digital note-taking tool. You have probably downloaded it to your desktop or phone but you may be wondering how you could use it in your business. Well here are a few ways you can use Evernote to simplify some of the day to day things you do in your business:

1. Pictures – Evernote gives you the option to create a picture note using your phone or tablet camera. You can use this feature to take pictures of business receipts, business documents, quotes you want to share on social media, and even post-it notes.

2. Audio – Do you ever feel like you get your best ideas when you’re walking or drifting off to sleep or in another place where it is hard to write something down? Try the audio note! You can create an audio note which will allow you to use your device’s microphone to say that idea or blurb so that you can remember it later. This feature also comes in handy when you have an idea for a blog post – you can use an audio note to talk it out and then replay it back later to translate it into a written post.

3. Research – If you find yourself googling a lot of things for research purposes, the Web Clipper extension will become your new digital best friend. The Web Clipper allows you to “clip” entire web pages or sections of pages into an Evernote note where you can highlight, draw, or make notes for future reference. This is also a good way to save web pages you’d like to read later or even links you’d like to share with your customers.

Instead of having post-its all over the place or notes here and there, think of Evernote as your second, digital brain.

Evernote is a great way to bring all of your ideas, thoughts and notes into one place. This frees up your mental space so you can get back to serving your customers without worrying that you’re forgetting something.

If you're looking for a great how-to guide for Evernote, check out Evernote Essentials (#affiliate). I purchased it to learn more about Evernote and now I check it out every couple of months or so to find new ways to use the tool.

Do you use Evernote? What ways do you use it in your business?


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  1. Wow. Ok, so I’ve had an Evernote account for a while, and I haven’t really used it, so this gives me a great place to start from.

    This is why I love you.

    THANKS! ♥

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