6 Essential Tech Tools to Go Pro in 2014

6 Essential Tech Tools to Go Pro in 2014

When a new year begins, it’s custom to look back at the previous year and figure out ways to do things better or differently this year.  Most often, you are looking for tools to make everyday tasks a little easier or faster.

Here is a list of tools you can use to go pro in your business and save more time and mental sanity this year.


Buffer is a great tool to manage your social media.  It has browser integrations, mobile apps and integrations galore to make sure you tweet at the most optimal times for your followers.


This free service creates a link to a tweet that readers can easily click and share. You can embed tweets in your blog posts or newsletters to encourage social sharing.


An easy way to organize your RSS feeds, so you can keep up with as many blogs as you’d like in one place.  You can also use the tools that come with Feedly to share helpful articles and posts with your social media followers.

G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps for Business)

In addition to having email on your own domain using GMail (i.e. jessica@techbizgurl.com), you also get Google Drive (or Google Docs) which is a great way to create and share documents in the cloud.  And the coolest part?  Multiple people can collaborate on a document at the same time!  Google Apps accounts start at $5/user per month.


Dropbox allows you to have file storage in the cloud so you never have to worry about losing files.  You can also use it to host files that you want to share with your team or your digital class for example.


Do you find it hard to keep track of passwords?  And generate super strong, complex, special character-having passwords?  Lastpass is the answer.  It’s available for Macs and PCs for free.  You can also install a Chrome browser extension to constantly remind you of passwords as you visit sites.  If you want support for your mobile device as well, the premium version is $12.

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