Get Your Groove on to Google Music!

I am a HUGE fan of Google products and their music product is no exception.  A while back I wrote a post detailing the top 5 reasons you should consider Google Music Beta. Well today, I have a few more reasons:

Google Music is no longer in beta format (woohoo!), however the same rules apply: it's free; you can upload 20,000 songs and stream them from the Internet and Android-enabled devices.  New features since the drop of the Beta designation include:

  • The ability to buy songs from the new music store on Google's Android Market which means you can shop on the web or just access the market from your Android device
  • Song purchases are automatically stored in your Google Music account
  • Sharing!  You can share a song with friends and they can listen to one full play of the song for free
Check it out here and let me know what you think in the comments.

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