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Have an idea but not sure where to begin? We’ll tackle technology and take those first steps together.

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I’m Jessica – your business sidekick.
You know that big idea? It's your business dream and it's time to make it come true.

I love technology and I know how to use it to build your business. Let’s partner up. I’ll help you get clear about your dream and confident about the technology that brings it to life. + LEARN MORE

Working with Jessica has been a miracle. I have so many fears when it comes to technology. HTML is the ultimate four-letter word for me. Jessica offered me simple, step-by-step instructions for sprucing up my WordPress site.

Tangela Ekhoff

If you have an idea of your current online business goals and want to use technology to accomplish them, then I wholeheartedly recommend Jessica. She’ll hear you out, see the pieces in play, and put them together into a picture that you can act on with understanding and confidence.


I will be hiring Jessica for all my tech needs because it is not something I am confident in doing and I am so happy to hand it off to Jessica because I know she will get it done and done impeccably well.


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